the female reboot with Margot Robbie will not be done

Pirates of the Caribbean was a franchise that for many years brought the general public to experience exciting adventures in the company of Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew of rowdy pirates. Unfortunately, after the lawsuit involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the protagonist of the saga had to drop anchor by abandoning his much loved Black Pearl. Despite this, according to increasingly insistent rumors, the saga should have continued thanks to Margot Robbie. The interpreter of Harley Quinn should in fact have taken on Depp’s legacy by becoming the protagonist of the reboot of the saga but things seem to have gone differently.

As reported by Margot Robbie herself during an interview with Vanity Fair, Disney would no longer be interested in the project. “We had an idea and had been developing it for a while. We wanted to give life to a story centered around a female character… but not quite a female one. It was a different story than usual, we believed it could be very strong. But now I guess Disney is no longer interested in making it”says the actress.

According to some rumors this new chapter of Pirates of the Caribbean would have involved writing Christina Hodsonwriter of the much-discussed Birds of Prey. Jerry Bruckheimerproducer of the previous films in the saga, also revealed that another film was in parallel in development together with this female reboot but also in this case the fate of the film is not the most rosy.


Although the cancellation of these two films may suggest a possible return of Johnny Depp, the actor is unlikely to return to collaborate with Disney. In the past, several rumors relating to a possible return of him have been repeatedly denied. In fact, the actor’s phrase is iconic “You won’t go back to work with them even if they offer me $300 million and a million alpacas. Nothing in the world would make me want to go back to Disney“.

In short, the fate of Pirates of the Caribbean continues to remain shrouded in fog and right now it is difficult to imagine what the future holds for us. But now tell us, do you think the path of the reboot is the right one? Let us know yours by leaving a comment and keep following us to stay up to date with the latest news!

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