the FBI may be on the trail of the hacker responsible for the attack on Rockstar and Uber

It seems that the authorities are on the trail of the hacker who carried out the attack on the Rockstar Games servers. The same person could be behind a similar incident involving Uber in the days immediately preceding it. It could be a boy of just 16 from the UK. According to sources, the person responsible for stealing GTA 6 and GTA 5 data took advantage of a vulnerability in the professional Slack softwareused for internal messaging between employees.

According to the VGC portal, Uber is the one that is providing a lot of material to the federal authorities of the United States. FBI agents could close the loop very soon. According to the reconstructions, the hacker, attributable to the Lapsus $ Ransomware Gang group, would have taken advantage of Slack and, through a simple phishing message, would have stolen the access credentials to internal services. The same expedient, then, would have allowed him to get his hands on a lot of material of the early development of GTA 6 and on the source code, even of GTA 5.

From here, then, the story is known. There is still no certain identification of the person responsible, whose online name may be “White,” according to the Doxbin website. Details and certainties? None yet. The first damage was suffered by Take-Two Interactive with the slide in the stock market on Monday.


Rockstar Games promised that the development of GTA 6 would not be delayed due to this databreach. Likely the hacker intends to use the data in his possession to blackmail the company. Someone already takes advantage of this and tries to sell bogus files with Blockchain technology.

Source: VGC AGI