The EOL Podcast episode #41

With Sabio, Ferdopa and [erick] Greetings from VIDHAR, Quimico2008, SnakeElegido, TipoDuro, Alejo I, Scylla, Shenita, monthyp, Benzo, VozDeLosMuertos, Eaniel Kashal and jiXo, who solves the eternal question of how to pronounce his nickname.

The idea was to make a few recommendations for these holidays, but along the way we got lost and talked about Nvidia’s crazy race, the future of next-generation consoles, the new? Switch, from the future of television and streaming platforms.

In the end it seems that [erick] He got lost and we don’t know if he returned to the podcast because we said goodbye without him.

Happy Aeolian year, may next year bring you a better year than this one and see you where always, in

The music that plays is a Remix of NiGHTS into dreams… “Merry Little Christmas” by Dale North.

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