the Duffer brothers would have some ideas for a spin-off

Ahead of Stranger Things season 4, the Duffer brothers reveal they have a super secret idea for a spin-off. This was leaked in an email interview with Variety, where Matt and Ross Duffer confirmed their idea for a spin-off project that would follow the show’s finale and take place in the same narrative universe.

We have an idea for a spin-off we’re super excited about, but we haven’t revealed anything to anyone yet, let alone written it. We think everyone, including Netflix, will be surprised when they hear our idea, because it’s very, very different.

Only one other person knows the details of this elusive spin-offand it’s Finn Wolfhard the guy who plays Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things.

Somehow Finn Wolfhard, who is as crazy as he is smart, guessed what the idea was. But apart from him no one else knows anything! “

That’s all the Duffer brothers revealed in this interviewif the idea will go through and will be subsequently put in the pipeline we will only know, apparently, after the finale of the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Recall that the fourth season of Stanger Things will be presented in two parts up Netflix, the first part will come out on the US streaming broadcaster starting this week, while the second part will be made available in July. The first 6 episodes will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, while the last episode will last approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Although a lot has been revealed about this fourth season of Stranger Things, and some spoilers have also leaked as we have covered in this article, we just have to wait to see this new season, and possibly have additional news on this elusive, and second the Duffer Brothers fabulous, spin-off.