the director has revealed when the tv series will be released

There is great anticipation for the release of the TV series inspired by the legendary video game The Last of Usa title released for PlayStation 3 in 2013, which will see the role of the protagonists Ellie and Joel respectively Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, and the director of the pilot episode, the Russian Kantemir Balagov, has revealed that it will be released early next year.

The release of this product made by HBO it was given for this year, but it did not. Only the confirmation was missing, arrived, as mentioned, by the director of the pilot episode, to put an end to the hopes of the incurable optimists who hoped for the release of the series in the last quarter of 2022.

Despite the great expectation, the path of The Last of Us TV series was not the best. Many, in fact, have been the controversies that have arisen from the choice of the screenwriters to anticipate by ten years the setting of the events that we admired and loved in the original work.

This, however, did not prevent the production from working on a product as faithful as possible to the video game, as demonstrated by the various leaks that emerged on the web and by some photos taken secretly on the various sets.

The choice of the leading actors, on the other hand, immediately made everyone agree. Pedro Pascal, in particular, has attracted the curiosity of fans of the franchise, who have already seen him at work in roles of this type. The choice of Bella Ramsey for the role of Ellie also left the most satisfied.

According to what we know so far, the series was co-scripted by video game author Neil Druckmann. Which is synonymous with great quality and, above all, with great fidelity to the original work. Lending a hand was another authoritative writer and screenwriter, Craig Mazin, who worked on the Chernobyl event series.

In short, the premises are all there. We just have to wait for the release of the TV series of The Last of Us which, according to what Kantemir Balagov said, is scheduled for the beginning of 2023.