the dedicated State of Play would seem imminent

According to some recent rumors, it would seem an event dedicated to PlayStation VR2 could be imminent, as Sony plans to show the device more concretely after its appearance at GDC 2022.

This rumor comes from journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, who also thinks the device is likely to come out during the holiday season or a few weeks laterand this last launch window would be in line with previous reports that see the device launched in first quarter of 2023.

We recently heard reports that Sony, like many other video game companies, plans to hold an event in early June. If true, Sony could play with the idea of fill the void left by E3 by holding an important event about the status of its projectsshowing the upcoming games alongside the PlayStation VR2 and possibly announcing a release date (or window) for the system.

However, Grubb believes the rumors are ongoing they may have mistakenly merged two separate events. Here are his words:

I’ve heard is that they intend to show the PlayStation VR2 again in a more substantial way very soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that was related to E3. Maybe this is where the threads cross, maybe they have a smaller event dedicated specifically to the peripheral in their plans and that’s why people believe there will be a showcase in early June.

At the top of the article you can find Grubb’s podcast in which he talks about the indiscretion. Specifically, the moment in which the journalist talks about the rumor is a 1:03:50. Obviously, we remind you that these are rumors and, not being endorsed by official sources, they must be taken with pliers.

If there is indeed a Sony event dedicated to the peripheral, it is likely that the official will arrive in the next few days.