The Cycle: Frontier has a release date on Steam and EGS

The one of Yager it is a somewhat strange parable: it came to fame with the shooter Spec Ops: The Linethe German studio then turned to a multiplayer title on fighting between spaceships and then to another multiplayer project, which some time ago went through a intense relaunch. Renamed to The Cycle: Frontierthe game in question is preparing to come out on Steam and Epic Games Store; to be precise, on June 8th. The studio also released a trailer that showcases his latest creation.

The Cycle: Frontier falls into the category of PvPvE games. The core of the experience is the collection of resources scattered around the game world and the fight with a decidedly aggressive fauna, but the planetary dangers they won’t be the only ones you have to watch out for. Other players will be able to intervene to ruin your expedition, and plunder all your hard-won loot. But if you succeed, you can return to base and use the acquired resources to upgrade your armamentarium, returning even more ready to the surface of Fortuna III. The Cycle: Frontier will be completely free to play.

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