The creators of The Witcher showed off an isometric turn-based RPG set in Russian-occupied Warsaw and ghosts

Politically demanding and media Thanks to the new topic, there is a new one. upcoming game The Thaumaturge on Unreal Engine 5. It takes place totiž in Warsawě occupied by Russia during 1905.

Different people with conflicting interests go there: Russian soldiers, poor Poles, Jewish merchants and others, so it’s vibrant, cultural; colorful metropolis, but as the motto of the game says – everyone has their own demons.

In addition, it comes from the Fool’s Theory studio composed of carbon fiber from CD Projekt Red, which is directed by senior quest designer Jakub Rokosz (Zaklína 2 and 3) and, among other things, is working on a remake of the first part of Zaklína, so the relationships are obvious. continue to be excellent. It also helped Larian with Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Baldurs Gate 3, and cooked up the 2017 RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone.

The debut set of gameplay was provided by publisher 11 bit studios (Frostpunk):

It’s an isometric RPG where you’ll play as some ghosts, control their group and manipulate the opponent. You are equipped with unique abilities for turn-based combat, both with human attacks and psychic powers. As a result, you will influence the surrounding world, but you must use everything with feeling and reason, as must result in moral difficult decisions.

You create your character in your own image so that you can solve situations in different ways, including; investigation of unpleasant deeds. The environment has a correspond to the studied contemporary realities from the beginning of the 20th century, when crime and luxury are often sides of the same coin. You will also meet historically significant characters who will be involved in the story, in the němž you will explore the dark až the esoteric side of reality.