the creator questions the arrival of a single player mode

Although many fans would like the introduction of the single player in Marvel Snapthe development team Second Dinner questioned the arrival of this modality.

During an interview with colleagues from IGN Ben Brodethe creator of Marvel Snap, said the development team is still thinking about whether it will be able to create one single modeconsidering Marvel Snap mainly focuses on multiplayer. Here are his words about it:

I do not know. I would say that we haven’t thought enough about what this mode might be like and, as a result, we don’t know for sure if we would be able to do something that is capable of entertaining fans.

In any case, Second Dinner is planning to create new modes, as revealed by Ben Brode himself. Among these new modalities, however, it is again highlighted how there are no single player plans:

I think there is a lot of room for new modes. We have many interesting ideas for new multiplayer-related game modes, but currently there are no single player ones.

The developers, therefore, seem to have decided not to create a single player mode in order to focus on improving multiplayer. In addition, Second Dinner may consider that the single player is not successful given the competitive nature of Marvel Snap, as highlighted by Brode:

Much of the fun in the game is the mind games and trying to figure out what your opponent might do next.

To conclude, we remind you that Marvel Snap is currently available for PC, IOS and Android devices.