Alan Wake 2 concept art leaves you breathless

Remedy continues to give us reasons to closely follow all the developments related to the franchise Alan Wake. The study recently confirmed the arrival of Alan Wake Remastered up Nintendo Switch as for the expected sequel, the software house was not able to reveal big news, but it has rewarded us with concept art that focuses a lot on the horror factor.

Alan Wake 2: what a thrill!

Through a video celebrating the franchise’s anniversary, Sam Lake creative director of Remedy revealed that Alan Wake 2 wants to be even more chilling than the first chapter. As you can see in the concept art, the developer is mixing darkness and loneliness with certain shades of insanity.

Alan Wake 2

There is more information on Alan Wake 2? Unfortunately not. Remedy he ruled out sharing news of his title in the summer, so we can expect his absence in the events that will be broadcast in the coming months. However, Sam Lake reassures the players and says that development is proceeding smoothly: “Everything is going really well. Much of the game is already playable. We want to make sure we create the best experience possible, to ensure the best survival horror. “

At the moment, Remedy has already captured the attention of fans with various images that would make any player’s hair stand on end. On top of that, we already know that the original actors from the first title will be returning. We just have to wait for more information.

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