the company warns “watch out for suspicious emails”

After the last few days, during which the spotlight remained almost exclusively on Rockstar Games and GTA 6, 2K Games also ends up in the crosshairs of hackers. To report it is the company itself on Twitter. In a note released in the past few hours, 2K makes it known that it has fallen victim to an attacker who managed to access internal systems and steal some sensitive user data.

In this regard, 2K Games warns that it has already received news of users who have received some emails containing dangerous links. In an effort to stem the phenomenon, the company is offering those affected – and others who have not yet fallen victim to the attack – some simple solutions to secure their data. An immediate password change, activation of 2FA protocols (Two-Factor Authentication), installation of secure anti-virus and anti-malaware software and, finally, a check of the status of your accounts to find out if any unauthorized action has been taken.

There are currently no further details. We will keep you updated on the developments of the affair. Complicated week for the world of computing and entertainment. Last weekend, to fall victim to a hacker attack, Rockstar Games. The result? An information leak that will be remembered as the greatest in gaming history. The potential presence on the net of the source code of GTA 5 and GTA 6 is of concern.


Source: 2K