the company opens 2 new social media accounts

That Nintendo being a world-class company is certainly not new; we are still talking about the largest Japanese videogame industry ever, which has achieved (and continues to achieve) great results in the world both in terms of software and hardware (Nintendo Switch is one of the best-selling consoles ever in the history of devices videogames).

It is therefore quite surprising to discover that the Kyoto-based company did not have, in terms of communication and social media, accounts dedicated to the Latin American market… at least until now! Recently, in fact, in the person of Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, 2 social media accounts have been announced for the Spanish-Portuguese and Brazilian markets:

Nintendo he therefore intends to expand its influence both in the Iberian Peninsula and in South American territory (even if starting from Brazil alone … for now!). Be careful though, opening these new accounts absolutely does not indicate the lack of Nintendo Switch consoles and / or software in their respective territories: social media dedicated to the respective regions only serve to improve communications and expand an existing influence, but both in Brazil and in Spain and Portugal there are already nintendo users!

Nintendo expands into the Latin American market: it was even now!

As previously mentioned, what is most surprising was the lack of these accounts previously and not their opening: after all, it was already expected that Nintendo was a global giant in every part of the globe. Unfortunately, this means practically nothing from the point of view of software, at least for us Italian users.

Probably in the future there will be more titles adapted and dubbed in Hispanic and Portuguese / Brazilian languages, as well as better communication for gamers in those specific regions; but removed this convenience (which, as mentioned, does not affect us inhabitants of the boot) there will be no good news in purely videogame terms

However, I invite you to stay tuned with us at iCrewPlay not to miss future updates on the great 360 ° N.