the cinepanettoni by Massimo Boldi and Christian De Sica arrive on Prime Video

During the Christmas holidays, starting from November 15 Amazon Prime Video will give all its subscribers Christmas Holidays, the collection of the most famous cinepanettoni of the couple composed Massimo Boldi and Christian De Sica.

There The list, made up mostly of films by the duo directed by Carlo Vanzina, includes: Vacanze di Natale ’95, Natale in India, Christmas in Love and Natale a Miami. Then there are the films by De Sica alone: ​​Christmas on a Cruise, Christmas in Rio and Christmas in South Africa. All available with Prime Membership at no extra cost. We can then add Boldi’s films which, however, are available with Infinity or for a fee: A Natale Mi Sposo, A Christmas in the South and Christmas as a Chef.

Surprisingly, the progenitor of what has become a real film genre is missing: Christmas Holidays, the 1983 film with Christian De Sica, Claudio Amendola, Jerry Calà, Guido Nicheli, Stefania Sandrelli and Mario Brega.


However, there remains a piece of Italian cinema history made available on the platform which will be able to make the Christmas holidays, which have always been welcomed positively by every family, even more fun and enjoyable.

And what do you think? Will you watch any of these movies with your loved ones? Let us know, as always, below in the comments.

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Source: Prime Videos