The Chronicles of Narnia, Greta Gerwig will direct the Netflix adaptation?

Since 2018, for the first time, the rights of “The Chronicles of Narnia“, belong to a single company. It was Netflix4 years ago, to buy the work in order to give life to a new saga of films inspired by the novels of CS Lewis. Although it’s been a long time, until now there had been no news related to the project and fans believed it had all fallen by the wayside. Well, that’s not the case; Netflix is ​​finally starting to take the first steps towards Narnia giving us, up What’s on Netflix, the first news related to the project. We start from the direction, it seems in fact that Greta Gerwig be the most whispered name for that role.

Greta Gerwig, already famous for the film adaptation of “Little Women” and of “Barbie“, seems to be perfect for this new big project from Netflix, which would be more than interested in hiring her to direct the first two films. Among other names belonging to the work we know Matthew Aldrichco-writer of Cocowho will be the creative supervisor of the operation e Mark Gordon from Entertainment One which, together with Douglas Gresham And Vincent Sieber will be the executive producers chosen by the C. S. Lewis Company. Finally, the new Netflix film saga is taking shape.