the character should have been more massive, reveals an insider

A few days ago the first trailer for She-Hulk arrived, a series coming to Disney Plus and dedicated to the Marvel character created by Stan Lee and John Buscema in the early 80s. Now, about the character of Jennifer Walters – Bruce Banner’s cousin – we return to talk through some revelations spread on social media (and then made to disappear by the author of the posts).

Let’s go in order. After the release of the trailer, along with the excitement, there were also some criticisms about the special effects and the CGI. Among other criticisms, someone noted that She-Hulk, Walters’ green alter-ego, was a bit thinner in the series than its comic book counterpart. Sean Ruecroft expressed himself on this precise point, VFX Artist who has already collaborated with Disney Plus and Marvel on the creation of Moon Knight. Ruecroft says that, initially, the character should have been more similar to the comic version of him but that from the producers, after each check, they arrived notes asking to render the character “Thinner”.

“Every time a note came, we rolled our eyes backwards. At the end of the day, however, there were orders to be carried out Ruecroft says hinting that he and his team continued to make changes until the producer board was satisfied with the result. The original tweets then disappeared but not fast enough for anyone not to notice. Talking about it, among the first newspapers, we find GamesRadar. The reasons for rethinking these statements are unknown.


Ruecroft boasts other experiences in the Marvel field in CV. Before She-Hulk and Moon Knight, he collaborated on the VFX sector of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War.

She-Hulk will be available on Disney Plus, exclusively, starting from August 17th.

Source: Games Radar