The Callisto Protocol will arrive in the second half of 2022

After last year so full of postponements and with this one that seems to promise as many, not many people believed the publisher’s statements Krafton and the developer Striking Distance Studios. For them, we would have seen the survival horror inspired by Dead Space The Callisto Protocol in an indefinite 2022. Hard to believe, considering the very few news that there was on the title in question, shown briefly with a teaser that showed everything but the gameplay.

And, instead, it seems that the most suspicious must change their minds: the release of The Callisto Protocol is still scheduled for 2022.

The Callisto Protocol is a AAAA

It is thanks tolatest quarterly tax report of the publisher Krafton that we bring you the good news: the launch of The Callisto Protocol is still expected for the current yearto be more precise in the second half of 2022. But that’s not the only juicy piece of information we can snatch from the report in question.

For example, the publisher describes The Callisto Protocol as a AAAA degree. An exaggeration, which however serves to underline both the qualitative and monetary effort that the publisher is putting into its Sci-Fi horror. Game that is described in the same report as “ultimate horror experience” and how the highest point reached by the company in terms of quality.

For now this is all we know, even if it is reasonable to expect news soon. On May 13, the founder of Striking Distance Studios Glen A. Schofield posted a tweet that seems to herald fresh news coming:

Considering the large number of digital events that, like every summer, are on the horizon, it is very probable expect to see more of The Callisto Protocol. And you can rest assured that we of iCrewPlay we will be here to bring you the juiciest details!