The Callisto Protocol, the entire campaign shown on Twitch

Striking Distance video game shown on Twitch,

The Callisto Protocol coming soon: developed by Striking Distancethe long-awaited horror-tinged title will debut on December 2 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Windows. Only a few days ago, however, the developers had the opportunity to talk about the major sources of inspiration for the video game, including the works Disney, Pixar and cartoons like SpongeBob.

With the launch literally upon us, an editorial team broke the embargo to publish the review where the perfect score was awarded with a nice 5/5. In addition to the vote, however, the article would have revealed the duration of the title which should be between 12-14 hours. No video game is safe from leaks, if before we only had the opportunity to talk about a review published in advance, now unfortunately we are dealing with the entire campaign of The Callisto Protocol.

After an early review, now a leak has shown the entire campaign of The Callisto Protocol on Twitch.

The entire video game was shown on Twitch just two days after the launch, a particularly serious event as it could affect the initial sales for The Callisto Protocol, without even mentioning all the spoilers that could leak on the net close to the release and which could ruin the experience for more than a player.

The Callisto Protocol takes us through the year 2320where we will play the role of Jacob Lee held in the Black Iron prison where he will have to deal with all the horrors of the prison and fight for his survival.

The wait now that several spoilers may be circulating becomes even tougher: the title directed by Glen Schofieldco-creator of the famous dead space, promises an extraordinary artificial intelligence, capable of constantly disturbing the gamer, therefore any type of spoiler risks jeopardizing the hard work of the development team. In fact we recall that the The Callisto Protocol went gold only at October 2022 and for the occasion the same Schofield via social media he thanked all the fans for the support and once again confirmed the release date, set for December 2nd.

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