The Callisto Protocol, revealed the dimensions of the game

The release date of The Callisto Protocol is set for 2 December 2022. Less than a week after the release of the game on old and new generation consoles, as well as on PC, we are starting to be informed about some technical little things necessary to download the game; first of all the dimensions of the title. The Twitter profile “Playstation game size” in fact tells us that the version 1.003.000 of the game, for which without the patch that will accompany the title on day one, it will weigh 42.794GBrather normal size for a video game today.

Furthermore, as usual, anyone who has pre-ordered the digital version of the game can start downloading it from the store November 30, 2022, 48 hours before the release date. Recall that the new sci-fi horrorborn from one of the masterminds behind the birth of dead space, Glen Schofieldwill be available from launch in both the standard and deluxe versions, the latter containing the season pass of the game. At the moment the only confirmed additional content is the appearance of other death animations during the game. Here is an article related to the topic.
By now in possession of this information, we can become aware that the arrival of The Callisto Protocol is really close; in recent times the game has really made a lot of talk about itself and this can only have raised expectations a lot. With the reviews of Metacritics upon us, we just have to wait a few more days to finally try it with our own hands.