The Callisto Protocol – New information coming from the coverage of Game Informer – PlayStation Zone

A little while ago, Game Informer announced that The Callisto Protocolthe new first person horror created by the creators of Dead Space, will be the protagonist of the next coverage.

The Callisto Protocol will be showing soon!

The well-known American newspaper, Game Informer, announced that The Callisto Protocol, the new first person horror from the authors of Dead Space, will be the protagonist of the new monthly coverage. In particular, the site revealed that it had witnessed an exclusive video, in which the protagonist Jacob Lee tries to survive the horrors located in the second moon of Jupiter.

The coverage will reveal various information, including the origins of the developer Striking Distance Studios. To celebrate the announcement, Game Informer has published two exclusive coverage images, which you can find attached to the news. We remind you that The Callisto Protocol will be available on a date yet to be decided on consoles and PC.