The Callisto Protocol leaves the PUBG universe

When The Callisto Protocol was announced in 2020 it was revealed that he would be part of the universe of PUBGpresenting a setting somehow connected to it and with events that would take place decades after the Krafton title.

Recently, however, with a post on Twitter, Glen Schofield the founder of Striking Distance Studios announces that the game will depart from the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds universe, but it will be set in a universe of its own. This is what he said:

Originally The Callisto Protocol was part of the PUBG universe and timeline, however we decided to create a universe entirely dedicated to the title. PUBG is great and there will still be surprises for fans, however The Callisto Protocol will have its own universe and story.

The Callisto Protocol was announced at The Game Awards in December 2020, born of an idea from Dead Space creator Glen Schofieldformer head of Sledgehammer Games and Visceral Games who has been named CEO of PUBG Corporation’s new development studio Striking Distance Studios in 2019.

Very little has been heard of since its announcement The Callisto Protocolwhose release is scheduled for 2022however, we strongly hope that Schofield’s words do not herald any delay in the development of the title.

The title, according to some rumors, could also see its release on “old-gen” platforms such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as we dealt with in this article, a presumably forced issue due to the difficulty at the present time to find a new console flamboyant, like Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

Some small details have also been revealed, such as the use of the DualSense PlayStation 5 controllers, which we cover here. The release of the video game remains confirmed for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, and PC. We just have to wait confidently for other news about it, which we will discuss in these pages, so keep an eye on them please.