The Callisto Protocol is no longer part of the PUBG universe, confirms Glen Schofield

It deviates from the initial plan. The Callisto Protocol will no longer belong to the PUBG timeline. This was stated on twitter by Glen Schofield, founder of Strikinkg Distance Games. With a post, Schofield tells how The Callisto Protocolalbeit designed to belong to the same digital universe as the title developed by Krafton has then ended up assuming an identity of its own.

The Callisto Protocol, says Schofield, was born to be a kind of temporal expansion of Player Unknown Battlegrounds. The ambitiousness and hard work of the development team – made up of many former members of Visceral Games (Dead Space) – then meant that the title grew to the point that it could no longer be reduced to a simple expansion. Hence the decision to change the initial plan and make The Callisto Protocol a completely separate title, unlinked from any other IP. It seems that the idea has been in the air around Striking Distance for quite a while but that it has been decided to make it public only now.

For the game – which many define a spiritual heir to Dead Space – only a definitive date is awaited. For the moment, the most recent news will surely please those gamers not yet in possession of an Xbox Series X or a PlayStation 5. The studio worked a small miracle and made the game a cross-gen which can therefore also be enjoyed on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We do not exclude the possibility that new information may arrive during the Summer Game Fest.


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Source: Twitter