The Callisto Protocol, among the sources of inspiration for Disney, Pixar and SpongeBob

The cartoons inspired the development team to stylize some sequences and much more.

The output of the Callisto protocol is approaching: the title developed by Striking Distance will debut the December 2nd. Speaking of the horror and sci-fi flavored video game, the developers have promised an artificial intelligence breathtaking, capable of constantly surprising players and never making them feel alone.

The purpose of the AI ​​of The Callisto Protocol is to make the surrounding environment even more disturbing, making the protagonist feel as if he is always being watched. As the launch approaches, there is certainly no shortage of interviews where members of the team of Striking Distance they got to talk about the making of the title.

During a chat with The Sunthe character director Glaucus Longhi spoke of the graphic sector of the game, stating that among the main sources of inspiration for the style of some sequences that we will find in the gore-tinged video game are the works Disney, Pixar and… SpongeBob!

So the cartoons that have accompanied the childhood of many players and the adorable SpongeBob square pants I am (in)directly responsible for the final yield of the expected The Callisto Protocol. Longhi in fact, he explained that the animation style used in some cartoons highlights specific actions and sequences: for the video game, Striking Distance has chosen to take advantage of the stylization of some elements precisely to highlight the action, but not only.

We looked at cartoons like Spongebob for stylization and movement: The Callisto Protocol is a particularly realistic videogame, to make some elements even more captivating we preferred to stylize them. To emphasize the movements, gore sequences, blood and the way the limbs will be cut off we have resorted to a different style, just to make the action stand out more.
Feature films from Disney, Pixar and beyond are able to perfectly express the concept.

The Callisto Protocol aims to totally capture the gamer to arouse real reactions.

During the interview, Longhi he explained that the title does not aim to disgust the player but to catapult him completely into the surrounding environment.

The gamer will have to hit the enemy and have the right reaction. If, on the contrary, it is an enemy who attacks first, we want to make it clear to the player that he will be next. We want to mix real life, obviously it won’t be possible because we are not really attacking you. However, when your character gets hit in the head, we want you to have the same reaction.

The system was built in such a way as to leave total freedom to the designers, including the various possibilities in which limbs can be amputated. We have reached the point where it is possible to enter everything: practically, if you have an idea, it is possible to include it.

It was already clear that the video game aimed at a claustrophobic and unconventional experience, the latest statements reported do nothing but increase the hype from fans of the purest horror. We just have to wait for the December 2nd to experience a new, disturbing adventure in space.

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