the British antitrust has published the documents sent by Sony and Microsoft

The UK antitrust body, the CMA has released documents received from Sony and Microsoft regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard for more than $69 billion.

The twenty-two pages sent by Sony would be an attack against the acquisition. The Japanese house has focused more on Call of Duty while Microsoft’s 111 are instead a defense of the agreement for Activision Blizzard thanks to a detailed explanation of the video game market.

In the long documents there are position papers and various data. However, there are no major changes in these documents, if not some specific data. In a nutshell, the problem Sony faces is the fact that a possible loss of the series is irreparable damage to PlayStation. Microsoft itself has responded with a monopoly charge, showing how Sony exclusives are better and how the giant pays to keep their games from making it to Xbox. Despite the strong hostility, Phil Spencer reiterated that, agreements or not, Call of Duty will continue to be available on all platforms even after the acquisition is complete.


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