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The start of the 2021/2022 NFL Regular Season is fast approaching, which means another epic episode of Madden is on the horizon. Over the past few weeks, EA has been dropping hints as to what fans can expect from Madden 22. EA announced one of the most recent discoveries yesterday, showing how each team will have a unique advantage over the game (M-factor). ) in Madden 22. To get into the details, we take a deep dive into what’s to come and outline some of the best ground perks in Madden 22.

Court advantage in Madden 22

With this new home court advantage feature, every team in the game will have additional firepower for home games. For example, some perks include increased stamina during games, while others may have more complex perks.

Below we find what we think are the most dangerous Field Perks in Madden 22.

  • New Orleans Saints (“Who Dat”) – On the away team’s third and fourth conversions, a random receiver will run a random route when set during the presnap.

This will undoubtedly be one of the most frustrating things to deal with in Madden 22 and something that would never happen in a real game. No NFL player has ever forgotten a game because he was “on the road,” so it seems relatively unfair to give the Saints that advantage. But, I guess, with Drew Brees now out of town, they’re going to need all the help they can get.

  • Green Bay Packers (“Go Pack Go! The Frozen Tundra”) – The home team gains more momentum and the away team gains less. The away team tires faster and finds it more difficult to change direction.

It looks like EA has rewarded Wisconsin’s tough, difficult terrain with a multi-tier home court advantage in Madden 22. Green Bay will have the luxury of building momentum throughout the game (as the opponent loses it) and sitting back while the defense fights. to move around the field. Reduced mobility/change of direction on top of limited stamina towards the end of games will greatly benefit the Packers when playing Lambeau.

  • Tennessee Titans (“Titan Up”) – The home team will avoid incurring penalties.

With the Titans able to avoid significant stoppage penalties and the fact that they already field one of the most dominant running backs in football history, you can expect the Titans to find themselves in serious trouble when they play at home in Madden 22. While we don’t yet know if they’re referring to offensive or defensive call waiting, we’ll try to stay optimistic and assume that Henry will be even more powerful in Madden 22.

  • Washington football team (“shaky ground”) – The visiting team has a hard time changing direction.

Anyone who stands up to Washington is going to be in big trouble. Since speed is so vital in both Madden and the real life NFL, having the advantage of slowing down your opponent will be deadly. We don’t know if this refers to the running game, defense, receivers or what. However, we know that the FedEx terrain will significantly limit the overall mobility of opposing teams.

  • Seattle Seahawks (“The 12”) – Random portions of the game art for the away team’s offense will be meandering and difficult to read.

Seattle is known for having a huge fan base when it comes to soccer, with its ’12’ making a name for itself nationally. And it looks like they’ve been rightly rewarded in Madden 22 with a feature that’s bound to give them headaches and lose plays. However, this method has been used in previous NCAA games, so some players may already be used to dealing with this feature.