The authors of Hogwarts Legacy avoid mentioning Quidditch. It may not be at all

The authors of Hogwarts Legacy avoid mentioning Quidditch. It may not be at all

Hogwarts Legacy looks like a dream game for Harry Potter fans, but there is one disturbing detail: the developers avoid mentioning Quidditch as if there is no way to play it in Hogwarts Legacy. After the presentation at the State of Play, the authors of Hogwarts Legacy updated the FAQ on the official website. There is the following question:

Does  Hogwarts Legacy have broom flying?
– Broom flying is one of the ways to travel in  Hogwarts Legacy . There’s also broom racing, and players can take flying classes to improve their broom skills.

Here, the developers come as close as possible to the topic of Quidditch, but for some reason do not even leave a hint of its existence in  Hogwarts Legacy and talk only about broom racing. Of course, it is possible that some separate trailer will be dedicated to Quidditch – at least in the last video, the Hogwarts sports stadium flashed in the background.


The last time Quidditch was seriously transferred to a game format happened in 2003 – then EA released Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup. Quidditch appeared in other Harry Potter games, but only as side entertainment, often greatly truncated – for example, the user could only be a catcher and chase the Snitch, and the extras in the background did everything else.

The rules of Quidditch are not very conducive to a full-fledged adaptation in the format of a video game: either a strong rethinking is needed (say, in the  Quidditch World Cup, chasing the Snitch is included only in the final stage of the match, and does not take place throughout it), or multiplayer (and he is in  Hogwarts Legacy not planned). However, at the beginning of 2020, a third-party studio tried to release the Broomstick League, an unofficial mix of Quidditch and  Rocket League. But the game shut down just a few weeks after its release – judging by the statistics on Steam, it was just that almost no one played it.