the appeal of fans to Valve

Team Fortress 2 gave us several reasons to call it one of the best free shooters for PC, so it’s no surprise that it has a great community behind it. Players are very loyal to the title by celebrating each update with an untold amount of hours in the game, but they are also aware that the title has some issues that need to be fixed asap.

Team Fortress 2: A Desperate Request

One of the most discussed problems by the players of Team Fortress 2 revolves around the presence of bots, but only since there are also other reasons why the title is considered by many to be “unplayable”. Many times the community has tried to contact Valve to solve these problems, but the software house has never taken decisive measures to solve the situation. By now, users have grown tired of waiting and have formed a protest to reiterate their request.

The Team Fortress community intends to carry out a massive protest on May 26 at 7pmat which time they will post messages of affection for the game along with the hashtag # SaveTF2. The organizers (around 35 content creators) remind all members of the community that this is a peaceful movement that Valve shouldn’t be insulted for.

Team Fortress 2

“This is going to be a very peaceful protest and it just serves as a reminder to everyone that we love this game, please don’t send hate messages to Valve,” explains one of the protest leaders. “We will represent the TF2 community, so let’s do it right!” Alongside this, a post was shared on Reddit in which the intentions of the movement can be read: “TF2 means a lot to many! The community has been through a lot of good and bad. But now TF2 is in an unplayable state. We the content creators have decided to come together and share our love and affection for TF2! Will you join us? “

Naturally, Team Fortress 2 has faced many problems over the course of its existence such as the recent cybersecurity issue which has put the community on alert. Valve quickly fixed this flaw, but the same cannot be said for other bugs found in the shooter. After all, only in 2017 did the software house fix a bug that had been in the game for 10 years.

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