The Adventure of Bryan Scott

It now seems a habit to deal with adventures point and clickexcellent point and click indeed, given the flourishing period that the genre is experiencing this year. The Adventure of Bryan Scott in fact it is only the last on the list, we had very recently announced the new project of Amanita Design, Phonopoliseven before Voodoo Detectivea new Monkey Island and so on and so forth.

Broken Sword and Deponia meet

The Adventure of Bryan Scott is a graphic adventure that yes inspires two milestones when it comes to adventures. In fact, according to the developers, their game draws the idea from Broken Swrod And Deponia although, at first glance, other titles could fall within the group that inspired The Adventure of Bryan Scott, such as Runaway for example. But without going too far on who inspired whom, an interesting aspect is the presence of the voice actors of the voices British from George Stobbart And Nico Collardhistorical protagonists of the saga of Revolution Softwarethat is to say Rolf Saxon And Hazel Ellerby. One thing that will please fans and, above all, purists of the original language who will surely appreciate the return of two historical voices. Don’t worry though, they will be present also subtitles in Italian.

The Adventure of Bryan Scott

The Adventure of Bryan Scott: What We Know

History: Bryan Scott, son of the well-known and deceased archaeologist John W. Scott, receives a small package from the East, in which he finds a diary of the missing treasure hunter Kate Williams.

Turns out he is looking for the legendary treasure of the Queen of Sheba, mentioned in the 2nd Book of Kings of the Bible. Not entirely voluntarily, Bryan goes to the vault of the East to follow in the footsteps of Kate and find it. Last but not least, his father had been looking for this treasure for many years, but without success. Bryan hasn’t felt a purpose in life for a long time, but now he has a chance to continue his father’s work.

Shortly after his arrival in the East, his traces lead him to the secret society “The Black Fist“, Who is also in search of the legendary treasure of Queen Sheba. An adventure begins dangerous and exciting.


  • Bryan Scott: protagonist of the story, a 30-year-old boy who doesn’t know what to do with his life. Since the death of his father, it has been difficult to move forward. Everything seems boring to him, but the package received will upset his life.
  • Kate Williams: Treasure hunter by profession and daughter of a wealthy father. She prefers to spend her free time in foreign countries where the sun never stops shining. She is the opposite of Bryan, bold and fearless. But maybe she leaned out the window too much for that last job …
  • Dayo: a young man who lives in a tent a few kilometers from the city of Aksum. He prefers to be alone. Every week he goes to town on his cross bike to stock up on groceries and video games. His mother died of pneumonia many years ago, so his little sister lives with her uncle in a village near Aksum. His father left the family when he was young.
  • Hugo: a nice Capuchin monkey. When he is not stealing from nearby plantations, he enjoys peace and quiet in the top of a tree. However, since he lost his group a few years ago, he is very lonely. But soon, someone will come to keep him company again …

The Adventure of Bryan Scott

Final remarks

We have no news yet on the release date and the page Steam it has not yet been created, but it must be said that The Adventure of Bryan Scott has all the credentials to be able to be excellent adventureits mix between Broken Sword And Deponia bodes well for a rich history of humor but also of more serious tones. Who knows the level of the puzzles as it will be, looking forward to new updates it could be the case to recover the titles that gave inspiration to this new game.