the adrenaline-pumping Ubisoft game is available

Its new competitive home free access multiplayer Ubisoft Roller Champions is available from today for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC; The players of Nintendo Switch they will have to wait a little longer to enjoy the title. The official Twitter account of the game celebrated its launch by sharing a new video that allows us to appreciate its beautiful artistic style and at the same time briefly summarizes the features of the game.

Roller Champions: an innovative title

Roller Champions is a competitive game that sees clashes of 3 vs 3, in the title the users will have to face the rival team using their speed and some skills such as tackles or effective evasions. The game not only allows you to team up with two other players, in fact we can create a fully customizable character with different outfits, skates, helmets, gloves, goal effects, aerial poses, titles and posters, all of which will be unlocked as you play.

Roller Champions

At the time of writing, the official support account of Ubisoft reported some problems related to the servers of Roller Champions that prevent more players from enjoying the title; to a lesser extent, there are also users who have reported crashes in the console versions. The study confirmed that it is aware of the connectivity issues, stating that its teams are working to fix them as soon as possible. Although the reason for this server error has not been shared this is likely due to the considerable number of players trying to access the game

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