The 2001 build of Duke Nukem Forever appears to have been leaked online and will be available for download in June

Duke Nukem Forever

Today, May 9, on an anonymous 4chan forum, the user “x0r” reported that he had a build of the canceled Duke Nukem Forever 2001 at his disposal, to prove his words, he posted a video from the game and several screenshots and also promised (promised?) to put it in open access in June

Here are the relevant quotes from the person(s) known as “x0r“:

  • Almost every chapter is present in one form or another. A huge piece is playable, a huge piece is blockouts without enemies. All content from E3 is present.
  • Not only the editor, but we will also release the full source code.
  • All weapons are functional except for the chainsaw and freezer.
  • Do you have any date when you are going to release the game? June.
  • The editor is working. We also have the source code for the engine and UnrealScript and instructions for compiling it.
  • Two assemblies, but content for only one.
  • This is Unreal Engine 1, just like the final game.
  • The complete game does not exist. She was never finished.
  • An E3 2001 iteration, but not an E3 2001 build.
  • The Constriction Beam is in the game, it is the first weapon in slot 4.
  • The theme song is just a version of Megadeth. It starts playing as soon as you download the game.
  • At the moment, Bombshell is not visually present in the game, there is a log file showing that her model has been removed.
  • The strippers can be seen and interacted with when you first enter the club. By the time the game was recorded, most of them are dead.

Here are some screenshots: