That’s when the June 2022 games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will be announced

As the end of the month approaches, there also comes a time when Sony Interactive Entertainment should reveal the free games that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to redeem in June 2022. You therefore still have a few days to redeem the titles currently available for subscribers to the service.

There are two questions that arise. The first is when the new games will be announced, and the second is when they will be available. May 2022 is one of the months that due to the calendar is an exception, the announcement will not take place as expected on May 25th but instead postponed to 1 June 2022. With the games that will be available from about the middle of the day of Tuesday 7 June 2022. So everything as usual, without upsetting, even for this month.

These games will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers only, and as long as they have a monthly subscription in effect. We point out that if you are not a subscriber or have an expiring subscription, you can renew it using the Gift Cards with an 18% discount on Eneba.


If you are already a subscriber or are about to re-register, you will still be able to redeem FIFA 22 until Monday 6 June [PS4/PS5]Tribes of Midgard [PS4/PS5]and Curse of the Dead God [PS4]. After that, only the new April games will be available.

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