that’s when it will become free to play!

Knockout City it is a game that you have probably already heard of as it is an EA branded title that has been able to conquer many players from all over the world. This is an online multiplayer that will allow you to face off against many other players in death-defying challenges.

As you may know Knockout City has been preparing for a long time to become a free to play and we can finally bring you an official date! Are you curious to find out when Will you finally be able to enjoy the game totally for free? Then stay with us and you will certainly not be disappointed!

Knockout City: here is the official date of the transition to free to play!

As we have already reported to you previously, Knockout City is preparing to become a free to play. So far little was known about it but we are finally here ready to bring you an official date scheduled for the change: June 1, 2022, a date that actually also coincides with the arrival of season 6!

Certainly the main objective of this transition to free to play is to be able to attract new users, that knowing that you can access the game for free will certainly make you less problems with the download. Even the choice to make everything coincide with the new season could be purely for marketing, after all, new contents are always tempting!

Knockout City crossplay beta

We remind you that this change obviously requires Knockout City to be removed from EA Play on June 1, 2022. Also if you have already purchased the game before, the company is ready to reward you with a “Loyalty Royalty Bundle”, which will contain “exclusive legendary cosmetics, XP boosts and 2,000 Holobux”.

By becoming free to play, the game should no longer require a subscription PS Plusbut it seems that the team is still working on making sure that this is the case. It is not clear what they mean for the moment.

Knockout City free day one

In concrete Knockout City should not undergo excessive changes due to the change to free to play, on the contrary the new season will introduce a new interesting ball boomerang style that will double the fun, and more!

In any case, for the moment we have nothing left to do but give you an appointment at the next article and more!