Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

In the third club letter Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Developer KT Racing is dedicated today to the luxurious HQ, which you will visit regularly in the MMO racer. For this purpose, a building was chosen that stands for luxury, a love of cars and competition like no other.

Located in Victoria Park in the heart of Causeway Bay, the Solar Hotel is described as a unique architectural gem that is a real eye-catcher with its futuristic silhouette and with a height of 540 meters and 120 floors.

Everything from a privileged welcome from Vivian, President of the Solar Crown Organization Committee, a premium suite to call home and re-energize for the races, to your personal standing within the Solar, is here Crown competition, which is perfectly reflected in Radiant’s selective philosophy.

“The Solar Hotel is inspired by arcology and aerodynamics. It is characterized by its sleek and organic shape combined with the latest architectural, aerospace and automotive technologies. Its tower rises over 500 meters above the ground and dominates the Hong Kong skyline.

His location is somewhat related to his connection to the participants in the tournament. It overlooks the city and encourages you to go to another level. It’s a central hub for players – who gain access to increasingly luxurious rooms as the competition progresses – and offers breathtaking views over HKI.”

KT Racing

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown HQ

The personal lifestyle in one place

But the hotel offers much more, including shops for clothing and luxury items, a hairdressing and cosmetic surgery service to polish one’s personal image, a valet service to explore the island with any type of car, and serves that HQ as a central lobby to meet other drivers and tackle challenges. Whether it’s a car meet, a showdown, or just a hangout with friends, the Solar Hotel offers much more than just accommodation.

“We added this amazing place and its rooms to improve the accommodation concept in the TDU series. Fans of the franchise will remember the houses in TDU2 where you could expand your garage, which was a very personal experience. In order to invite your friends, you must first find friends, and that is the aim of the Solar Hotel. We know that houses have made an impression on TDU players. Although this feature is not yet in the game when TDUSC launches, it is part of a long list of features that we are already investigating for future content in the medium and long term.”

KT Racing

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown expected to be released later this year.

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