Tekken 8 – impressions of the game

This period is absolutely phenomenal for fans of action games of various bodies. I don’t even remember the last time we managed to continue Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Tekken in such a short window. But now we have them all just a few months apart. In addition, The King of Fighters XIII Global Match, DNF Duel for Switch was also released, and on the way there is a somewhat old, drilled Slovak fighting game Die By The Blade. Simply ready to throw. And it’s if you choose, after which the person will disappear.

The age of the trio is clear, Street Fighter 6 is out, Mortal Kombat 1 will be released in September andTekken 8 I don’t know the date yet, but at least we got a beta. For now, only on PS5, but in the coming weekend, someone will also join the game on PC and Xbox. Beta is here mainly for authors to test game systems, network infrastructure and collect feedback. Directly, however, I put online gaming first, so many things in this beta are far from the final form. However, he will take two months to see how the game is shaping up and bring it to him in the end. For this reason, the beta only included online play and tutorials, nothing else.

Why does the tutorial come in handy. Osmika will bring some new game systems, so it’s good to read more detailed lists, or at least one hundred versions of them that currently work. I’ve been playing Tekken for years, the third time it was press worthy, but as time went by, I spent less and less time each time, even though I had a lot of fun. It takes as long as a person remembers how it actually plays. After all, more than 6 years have passed since the 7th, and I, goddammit, didn’t turn it on after I wrote the review, because it simply wasn’t as. For whom the new elements of a human suddenly have their hands full to use it all (again).

At least those lineups remained the same, and even if someone makes a change, the game will lead as long as you have it. The beta brought 16 characters to choose from, some of them were created from the beginning, such as Paul or King (even though I know it’s a different King than the unit). but they were later joined by afanists who beat them, such as Jin, Asuka, Bryan and others. Exorcist Claudio Serafino made his debut only in eight weeks, and he will be the one. But we finally got one big return to the main series, played by Jun Kazama, so I’m wondering how the series will move. Even the clash of the two main characters is now more clear.

This will definitely not be the final list of characters, the game wants them at the time of release, probably the most so far, so we’ll see which names are still moving and we’ll also get some new ones. I’m disappointed that Yoshimitsu didn’t show up, the design is the fault of the authors, they won very well. Likewise, we have not yet been able to view the alternate costumes of the characters. For now, I only have two skins each, mainly in the alternative case where two players face each other with the same character. You can see some of the characters in the video below, but again in the pictures.

Each character here has its own fighting body inspired by real martial arts, but if you don’t know the series, for example, compared to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, you stick to the ground more, no fatalities, etc., and the characters here have different types of energy, some even use weapons. The fighting system is based on high difficult punches together with high difficult kicks. You combine these into a combo, because Tekken is known for making extremely long combos here. Don’t leave different grips here either, you can also vary the flow by using the direction of movement, etc. These are things that fans know well.

Only the authors want to recruit new fans of Aprilia with interesting news Special Style. Everywhere, however, there is no pressure or pressure, just a catchy name for easy control. At any time, even during rescues (again, you can see it in the video), you can switch the traditional control scheme using L1 to this simple one that does some flows without having to learn the original input. I am the creator of happiness Katsuhiro Harada expressed himself that in this way he not only wants to simplify the game with a new thunder, but also bring some beautiful thunder, which will encourage me to start the game with dream characters.

It is a big news Heat system A new indicator under the life of your character has been added to the game interface, which does not fall by the way, but still has a slight influence on the course of the rescues. This is the new Heat you show and represents the energy that you can release once per round and start a real stream of death on your spear. It’s a bit reminiscent of the mechanics of zine fighters. There are several channels through which you can use this system. It’s shown by a short animation, but it’s not something you can’t block, so you have to use your head at the edges.

Kee has now been Rage Drive reworked into Heat Smash, the eight works a little differently with the Rage system compared to the seven. It arrived in vTekken 6 and is processed differently in each game. The Rage state is reached when your character has life, which is represented by a red aura around it. It’s so hot that it makes the dog really strong Rage Art flows, but this time with universal and make them with R2. Tekken has come close to the mechanics of some other fighters, but still does not lose its own identity, so it is developed and designed quite well.

Eighth creation so that it is focused on the flow and it is still bada. As if it is not played on defense, he still has to block well and control parry, but the flow is in great advantage and overall, the fighting system is tuned more offensively than before. Sometimes it’s so that you don’t even bother before the counter, as long as you use the counter, where Power Crush asto play prm. For now, however, he notices that the balance of some elements is not yet fully optimal, and the authors are aware of this as well, who are now saying that the aforementioned hit will be balanced, as well as the wild chip damage of the new game, which appears to be really huge, and that’s why the whole game is tuned more offensively.

The beta also showed a bird arn, which is based on the progress of the game, but does not bring much news. Even so, it is worth devoting at least a little space to them. The arenas have different sizes and shapes, but some of them allow Wall Break, that is, during the fight, they pass through the wall to another part of the arena. Sanctum will obviously be a final arna in the course, it is a completely new type of worm, which changes the configuration during the fight, when the characters are gradually ambushed from the floor. For the first time we will look at the island of Yakushima during the battles and with dimensions of 80 120 this will be the biggest game.

If this beta was focused primarily on online gaming, it is clear that there are things that the authors need to pick up. Now, however, the online saves were subbed and the rollback netcode is perfect, you can always see the current connection statistics and the balance of connection differences at the edges. However, there were also some bad rescues when it cut and this still needs to be caught (also seen in the video). In the same way, I also encountered the game’s fallout, which was connected. But when it went well, the rescues were smooth and it didn’t matter where the fire was from. He lives peacefully somewhere, America and the like. With any spera, see its disconnection statistics from the saves and also the connection quality, so spera will reject you if it doesn’t answer. The beta during the next weekend will also bring crossplay and we’ll see how the game will play online across platforms. But now a simple system of icons with a game platform has appeared.

Although there is still work to be done on the game balance and the elimination of the shortcomings of online gaming, audiovisually, the game is built in such a way that it could still be released today. The graphics are very nice, they still retain Tekken tl, but they are more detailed, richer, more colorful. Especially since she was very fast. The animations have been moved to a new level compared to the previous parts, but you will still recognize them clearly. The music here is new, it carries the same spirit as in the previous episodes, but it sounds great. Even though her beta didn’t really work. For the songs, it reminded me of the soundtrack from Nier: Automata, which I consider one of the best game soundtracks ever. But the dubbing is also very good, every character speaks their own language, so you can enjoy the variety of this story as well.

So if the impressions are too much? Let it be here! I don’t know when I’ll be able to play the game, but I’d like to at least give a review. Tekken is one of the most busy games I’ve seen so far, and the upcoming eighth is already showing great form. I’m more interested in the direction of the game and we’ll see how the meta will be when it’s released. Not everyone will like it, but the Tekken DNA is still there. Technologically, it is a nice leap forward. But personally, I am also concerned with the course, of which we only had small hints here, but nothing that could be created at least in a picture.

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