Tekken 8, confirmed its presence at The Game Awards 2022

Tekken 8, the new iteration of the historic fighting game will be present at the next TGA, with a consequent and probable release date.

Tekken 8, its presence has been confirmed for the next The Game Awards 2022, which will air on December 8th. Yet another iteration of home Bandai Namco was shown with a short trailer during the Stay of play of Sony already at the end of this summer, generating considerable anticipation for fans of the franchise around the world. The very short gameplay session shown to us featured two of the best-known faces of the brand, Kazuya Mishima And Jin Kazama intent on showing all the potential of the new title that will be produced using theUnreal Engine 5.

The development of the title proceeds in-house Bandai Namco and according to what was reported by various content creators, the title will show itself again, a few months after its announcement, ai The Game Awards 2022. It has in fact arrived, in the form of a gift from the Japanese publishera kit containing a t-shirt dedicated to Tekken 8 and a ticket that indicated precisely the presence of the fighting game, during the evening presented by Geoff Keighley. Below you can find a Tweets which shows the contents of the gift box received from the content creators.

The message indicated on the ticket is quite clear, in fact the explicit indication regarding the advice to connect to the streaming of the TGA 2022 is a truism of how the Tekken 8 will be present at the event. We therefore invite you to follow the video game oscars this one December 8thas the titles to be presented there will be many according to the words of the good Geoff. We will also find out who will win the coveted title of Game Of The Year which sees several titles collide for the much coveted prize, a battle that will surely see the two most important titles released this year as protagonists we are obviously talking about God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring.