Tchia, the PlayStation exclusive has been postponed to early 2023

Because of pandemic, postponements have dramatically increased in the video game industry. That’s not to say there weren’t frequent schedule changes before, but it seems games are being postponed more and more as the pandemic’s difficulties continue to challenge developers. If nothing else, the postponement of Starfield demonstrates how any game can, and sometimes should, receive this treatment.

Many worried about the delay of other games, such as God of War: Ragnarok or Hogwarts Legacybut neither Sony neither Warner Bros Interactive have yet to say anything about it. In fact, the last communication on both games was that God of War: Ragnarok And Hogwarts Legacy would be released in 2022. Of course, referrals do not know “set off”And a console exclusive PlayStation has been delayed.

Tchia has been postponed

Tchia is a console exclusive PlayStation previously scheduled for PC, PS4 And PS5 in the 2022but the developer Awaceb confirmed that he had postponed the game to the beginning of 2023. Tchia it’s an adventure open-world where players explore an archipelago inspired by the New Caledoniahave the ability to take control of animals and objects and play on a Ukulele fully functional. Players will step into the shoes of the main character, Tchiaexploring history and meeting different characters based on the cultures of the New Caledonia.

The postponement of Awaceb happens for the reason most games are delayed: the “polishing“. Awaceb he stated that he will use this extra time to improve the game and focus on every little detail that can help take the game to the next level. Tchia is a project of passion, given that the co-founders of Awaceb consider the New Caledonia their homeland, which has been in the works for three years. It is important not only for the players, but also for Awacebthat Tchia is thrown in the best possible shape.

Players often have mixed reactions to postponements, because while they can be disappointing, on the other hand many understand that it is better for the game. Who followed Tchiafor example, will see the fruits of the work of Awaceb when the game launches at the beginning of 2023.

Tchia will come out at the beginning of 2023 for PC, PS4 And PS5.