Tchia has been postponed to early 2023!

Numerous, during the month of May, were the announcements regarding game postponements initially planned for this year. TO Redfall, Starfield, Kerbal Space Program 2 And Redout 2this time it is added Tchia, the open world action adventure made by the development team Awaceb.

Some details on the postponement of Tchia

Announced during the 2020 edition of the Game Awardsthe game should have come out in the spring this year but, just as the season is drawing to a close, it has the postponement to the first months of 2023 confirmed.

Through a post on Twitterthe development team stated the following:

“This extra time will allow us to thoroughly refine every aspect of the game and perfect all those little details that, we know, will make our work a truly special experience.”


In case you don’t know it, the title stars a young girl who will venture into a vast archipelago. Jumping, gliding, swimming and sailing will be possible explore the game worldalso taking advantage of the physical laws who dominate it and the ability to take control of any animals and objects on sight. Last but not least, it will be possible at any time to show off your musical skills by playing a ukulele.


The game, now scheduled for 2023will come up PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 And PC.