Take-Two and Zynga merge, it’s the biggest deal in the gaming world for now

Until the transaction between Microsoft and Activision is concluded, what we are about to tell you is the biggest deal in the gaming world in the recent past. Publisher Take-Two and Zynga have merged into one company. A deal worth 12.7 billion dollars which has already gone through. The agreement between the parties was reached last Thursday when the shareholders of Zynga, in addition to the more than 12 billion already paid, received a settlement of approximately $ 3.50 per share owned.

Take-Two as a publisher, boasts a catalog that includes Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K22, titles related to World Wrestling Entertainment, Bioshock, Borderlands and Civilization. Zynga, on the other hand, owns the rights to games like Farmville and a huge number of mobile titles.

The deal was commented by Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive in an official press release. “We are delighted with this agreement with Zynga. This is a fundamental step to exponentially increase our offer on mobile: the segment with the greatest growth in the videogame market. This will provide us not only with significant income, but also an important amount of skills “. He is joined by the CEO of Zynga, Frank Gibreau: we are delighted to be joining the Take-Two family. We will strive more and more to increase our portfolio “.


As mentioned, this is the biggest deal in the gaming field, at least until the conclusion of the agreements between Microsoft and Activision. The latter deal, on the other hand, should handling something like 69 billion dollars. This, at least until the Federal Trade Commission has given its approval to the transaction that will allow Phil Spencer to welcome Activision among the Xbox studios. The financiers expressed a favorable opinion on the issue almost unanimously.

Source: Take-Two