Tactics Ogre Reborn anticipated from PlayStation Store

Tactics Ogre Reborn made a quick appearance on the PlayStation Store a few hours ago, only to then disappear out of the blue. However, the time spent on the store was enough, and the web has captured various proofs of this in images. A real internal leak, probably the result of an error, which put us aside from the existence of an unannounced title branded Square Enix which at this point we expect to see announced soon.

Tactics Ogre Reborn showed up with an artwork and title logo:

This was what was contained in the game page, while in the space reserved for the description it was written: “Not available for purchase”. The graphics assets have been eliminated and, right now, there is only a completely blank page that acts as a placeholder – probably generating this blank page was the intention, but someone will have clicked in the wrong place or time.

The brand Tactics Ogre Reborn it was already known since it was deposited by Square Enix in Japan during March 2022. Now many are expecting an announcement in the next State of Play from PlayStationor maybe in the next Nintendo Directtwo of the most commonly used ad channels by Square Enix.

The game could be a totally new title or the remake of the first eponymous title in the saga – the remake hypothesis is plausible given the recent trend it sees. Square Enix re-propose titles from his past, such as for example Secret of Mana, Live a Live, Front Mission, Chrono Cross and others.

The first title in the series, Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together was thrown up PlayStation Portable in 2011 and since then the saga has simply disappeared from the radar, and nothing has been said about it, until the recent past.

Unlike the typical leaks, all to be confirmed, this is a rare leak that leaves little room for doubts given the world in which it arrived and above all the channel through which it reached our ears. So this time we won’t need recommendations on the usefulness of a fair amount of skepticism.

Below you can see the leaked artwork. We look forward to seeing you in the space dedicated to comments to find out what you think of Tactics Ogre Reborn: have you ever played the original title? Do you have any fears or hopes in relation to this title? We are waiting for you to talk about it in the space below for comments. Lately Square Enix it has been very busy with the trademark filing; you can read about it in the link available here.

Tactics Ogre Reborn