Surviving Desolation has a release date

The space simulation and survival game, the debut title of the French house SupercubeThe Pioneers: Surviving Desolation, will arrive on Steam Early Access on January 20, 2022. The Pioneers blends simulation, survival and construction in a space simulation experience that immediately puts the player in the right mood.

The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation, can you survive?

In command of the crew of three survivors of Io-1players will have to survive in an alien environment with low gravity, volcanoes, magnetic storms and other hazards which will put constant pressure on your ability to keep your crew alive. Exploration, crafting, science and resource management will be crucial for survival.

Players can use their resources to build your own base with various structures. Subsequent upgrades will provide a range of services, from building equipment to improving engineering and healthcare. Early access to the game will see regular updates and new content that will expand on the game systems and strategic depth.​

the pioneers

Main features

  • Explore – Io may be dangerous, but it is also home to beautiful and desolate landscapes. Explore the earth and collect important scientific data to complete your mission. Climb aboard a rover or a flying drone and venture out in search of precious resources in the various biomes of Io.
  • build: Produce materials, construct engineering modules and systems, create wearable equipment, and prepare food. Use the game’s advanced health system to closely monitor everyone and keep them alive.
  • Survive – Volcanoes, seismic activity, sulfur winds and magnetic storms will constantly put pressure on your crew. Anticipate and adapt. The life of your crew depends on it.
  • Manage: Start with three characters chosen at random from a pool of 15. Adapt to their strengths and weaknesses and use everything they have to survive.
  • Simulate – Multiple winning conditions and endings. Play again and again, take advantage of upgrades, learn the best strategies for survival and master all the ruthless elements of Io.

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