Super Mario Bros. The Movie, the new trailer reveals the release date and shows Peach and Donkey Kong

And in this trailer there is also a pinch of Mario Kart.

Right in these minutes Nintendo and Illumination they published the second official trailer from Super Mario Bros. The Movie, also simultaneously announcing the Italian release date of this highly anticipated film adaptation dedicated to the most famous Italian plumber in the world. Click here instead if you want to see the first trailer.

So yeah, the good Mario will make its big screen debut (at least in this guise in computer graphics) from the day of April 6, 2023consequently allowing all fans of the Nintendo mascot who live in the Bel Paese to see the film one day before fans who live in North America.

Also this new trailer of Super Mario Bros. The Movie allows you to see for the first time a whole series of characters that are nothing short of iconic and loved by every fan of the world of video games Nintendosuch as the princess Peachplayed by Anya Taylor-Joy, and Donkey Kongplayed in this case by Seth Rogen.

Also yes, as explained by Shigeru Miyamoto same, with this film the Big N has decided to modify the design of Donkey Kong after quite a few years, giving it a much more fun and ironic air than that which characterizes the version present in the last 3D chapters of the videogame series . It is also important to underline that in this second trailer of the film it is also possible to take a look at the presence of Kartswith a sequence that can only bring to mind Mario Kart.

Below you will find the second trailer of Super Mario Bros. The Movie:

Instead here you will find the entire second Direct dedicated to the cinematographic film in computer graphics: