Super Mario Bros. The Movie, official trailer and release date

A few minutes ago it was posted by Nintendo + Illumination Entertainment And Universal Pictures the second official trailer of Super Mario Bros. The Moviein the company of the highly anticipated and welcome release date, set for April 6, 2023 only in cinemas.

This short video, lasting about two minutes, sees our pet enter a fighting arena to fight Donkey Kongbut that’s just the beginning. The continuation of the video shows us indeed Bowser who caught the poor man Louistrying to find out information about the brother Mario. In the following frames, the mission becomes even clearer (although it was already from the first teaser): stop Bowser and his terrible plan to conquer the world!

From what we can see from the video, it seems that the film was created specifically to bring back many of the characteristics that we find in video gamessuch as obstacle courses and deadly traps, the presence of many iconic creatures, and clearly some of the most famous powers of Mario and his companions, such as fireballs or the ability to fly.

It doesn’t end here though, because in order not to miss anything, there will also be scenes attributable to other titles in the Nintendo series, such as Mario Kart. And if this was just the trailer, what other surprises should we expect? We’ll find out in just five months!