Super Mario Bros. The Movie, here is the second trailer in Italian

During a Direct entirely dedicated to Super Mario Bros. The MovieNintendo released the second trailer in Italian of the film based on one of the most famous video game series in the world.

The video shows the mustachioed plumber and his brother Luigi as they face the threat of Bowser, intent on conquering the galaxy with his army of koopas. During his adventure, Mario will meet Princess Peach and Toadwhich will help him fight the evil Bowser.

The trailer contains various goodies for fans of the series, such as the tanuki costume, a kart race on the rainbow tracka picnic on platforms, as well as the presence of Donkey Kong.

Made by Illumination and manufactured by Universal, Super Mario Bros. The Film will be available in the cinemas of the Bel Paese starting from 6 April 2023.

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