Sunbreak, a demo is coming for Steam and Switch

At the event Capcom of course last night could not miss also Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, awaiting expansion of the last chapter of the hunt for monsters. This additional content came with a new trailer, which showcased some of the gargantuan opponents we will be able to face. In particular, it is worth noting the return of Espinas the Thorn Wyvern (Monster Hunter Frontier) and di Gore Magala (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate). Clearly, not only well-known faces will be waiting for you, but also new acquaintances that you will do well to approach with caution.

Capcom also announced that it will be possible to try out the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak experience in advance thanks to a free demowhich will be published on Steam And Nintendo Switch in the course of the day today. Recall that the expansion will be released on June 30th.

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