Stray’s TGA nomination doesn’t convince you? Here is the ironic thought of Annapurna Interactive!

Online everyone can express their opinion and consequently, we must also expect particularly ironic answers, here is that of the editors of Stray.

Less than a month to go The Game Awards consequently it is impossible not to start commenting on the nominations, especially the one like Game of the Year. This year among the nominations we find Stray, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Horizon Forbidden Westthe expected God of War: Ragnarok, Elden Ring And xenoblade Chronicles 3.

In September Horizon Forbidden West had risen to third place in the ranking of best-selling video games in Japan, while thanks to Elden Ring the profit of FromSoftware rose by 1100% and consequently the developers could start to think of being able to independently publish their own titles even outside the Rising Sun. God of War Ragnarok instead it was also a success on streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube: according to reports the title developed by Santa Monica Studios within days of launch it already boasted a total of 111 million hours watch by the spectators! Despite excellent numbers, he failed to beat those totaled by Elden Ring in the first week after its publication.

The nomination of Stray and his little protagonist did not convince some users!

A Plague Tale: Requiem instead it had reached one million gamers shortly after its release, not bad numbers for the title of Asobo Studiosarrived after three years from the first chapter Innocence!. Among the various nominations, some even rather obvious, the presence of has not gone unnoticed Stray: the title published by Annapurna interactive despite some criticisms especially concerning the length of the game, it has been well received and currently enjoys a good 83 on Metacritics.

Despite everything we know, the applications certainly cannot satisfy all users, apparently someone has not commented positively on that of Stray coming to state via Twitter that should the title developed by BlueTwelve Studios won the coveted Award, would have definitively lost faith in the gaming industry. The statement reached the eyes of the publishers who were quick to respond: however, the study preferred not to use words but a gif taken from Stray to give an ironic twist to the criticism!

THE The Game Awards will be held on December 8th and in addition to discovering the winners, many news will probably be announced during the event: it is hypothesized that Hideo Kojima can finally officially present the video games he’s working on. There’s nothing left to do but wait!