Stranger Things Season 4: preview announced in Milan

Finally, on May 27, Season 4 of Stranger Things will be released, but if you are from Milan and its surroundings, the day before you will be able to see the first episode in Piazza Duomo starting at 21:30. A great opportunity for Italian fans of the series, who will be able to enjoy the first episode of this highly anticipated season.

For 27 and 28 May, however, again in Milan, a mysterious event has been organized and will take place from 11:00 to 20:00. It is not yet clear what will happen, but we expect huge surprises from Netflix.

In the caption of the event, it reads:

They say Hawkins is cursed. And maybe it’s not the only city to be. A really strange atmosphere is pervading Milan but this will not stop our plan. Brace yourselves because we will screen, in an exclusive preview, the first episode of the fourth season of Stranger Things, on May 26th from 9:30 pm in Piazza Duomo. We have de-demorgogonized the area, but we cannot guarantee to keep those monsters at bay for long, a space-time gap could open at any moment and, according to Suzie’s calculations, it will happen soon: to be precise on the 27th and on May 28, again in Piazza Duomo, between 11:00 and 20:00.

And who knows, Suzie won’t be the one to surprise the Italian fans of this beloved series. The actress who plays her, Gabriella Pizzolo, is American but she betrays her very clear Italian origins. We’ll see, we are in the mere field of speculation, but you never know when Netflix is ​​involved.

In any case, at the end of season three we broke up in Hawkins’ lab and returned there in Stranger Things Season 4as we saw in the first eight minutes of the first episode which, as mentioned, will be available in preview in Milan on May 26th.

What to expect this season? In the meantime, our people, after having split up, will be forced by a new and very powerful threat to reunite.. Will they succeed? Posterity will judge.