Stranger Things 4, how to see the secret trailer for Volume 2

Netflix has hidden a secret trailer for volume 2 of the fourth season.

Just a couple of days ago Netflix released the first part of the fourth season from Stranger Thingswith fans of Eleven and companions who can thus enjoy the first courses seven episodes of this new and highly anticipated season. But yes, in reality the well-known streaming platform has also totally surprisingly released a secret trailer of the volume 2 of the season 4.

And in this article we explain how you can watch it, pending the release of the second part scheduled for the day of July 1st 2022.

So after waiting almost three years, the new chapter in the story of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is now available on Netflixwith the fourth season of Stranger Things which has its roots in a story set six months after the battle of Starcourt, when the little girl lost her powers and shows the main characters divided for a new adventure.

Stranger Things season 4 also includes a secret trailer

And to compensate for the long wait that fans had to endure to be able to enjoy these new episodes, the season 4 it has been divided into two volumes, with the first of these containing seven episodes which have a total duration greater than 10 hourswhile the volume 2 will feature only two episodes in total, but with an overall duration of almost four hoursbeing able to boast a duration of two films.

And if you want to see the presentation trailer of the second volume, at the end of seventh episode of the season 4 from Stranger Thingsyou just have to wait for that end credits. At that point, in fact, instead of having the usual button on the screen to play the next episode, the preview one is displayed.

And by clicking on the preview in question you can watch the trailer of the volume 2 of the fourth season of the series, from the duration of 30 seconds. We also point out that at the time of writing this article, this is the only way to see the video in question since it is not available online.