stop at a solar fragment until 7 June

Season of the Tormented has brought with it so many Announcementsincluding the Solar 3.0planned evolution of the subclass in question that a bit the whole community he waited anxiously.

This, therefore, was equipped with a system of fragments and natures which made the gameplay of the well-known shooter made in Bungie more broad and diverse.

However, things did not go as the videogame house would have liked: a fragment, the Ember of Benevolencehas indeed created some little problem to the title, forcing Bungie to step in.

Why did this solar shard bother Destiny 2?

The role of the fragment was to exploit Care, Refreshment or Radiant to provide allies with a increased regeneration of the grenadesof the body to body andclass skills for a short period of time (however guaranteeing a penalty of -10 in the discipline).

Precisely for this reason distinct featurethe Ember of Benevolence quickly became the focal point of many solar builds, which convinced Bungie to review its usefulness and, in so doing, a deactivate it until the 7 June.

In short, a measure really drasticwhich we hope will not affect the work done on Destiny 2’s solar subclasses.