Steam: the deals of the week

The weekend is not just going out, drinking, going to restaurants, cultivating social relationships and so on. Personally I believe that the weekend is one of those moments in which you can take the opportunity to dedicate yourself to videogame worldperhaps after purchasing an interesting title or a game included in the wishlist finally at an advantageous price. Well, Steam it comes against those who want to carve out time to play as if there was no tomorrow.

Weekend affairs

Well, if you are free this weekend, and have played and replayed the various titles in your library, the Valve proposes some business Interesting. Let’s see some of them.

Fifa 22

Fifa 22: if you are a lover of football simulators know that on Steam you can win the title for the sum of € 9.59. A price indeed Optimal for the title of EAGames which recently announced a series of changes. It begins with the name la Revolution which from next year will change to EA Sports FC projecting the game towards new horizons e Announcements. There IT’S AT in fact it turns on the hype speaking of a project that aims to innovate, create and to evolve. Much more than a name change then.

If you haven’t played yet FIFA 22, for such a figure you can really think about it. The game features different modes such as the classic careerthe return of the Volta Football where you can create your player and show your talent on street courts around the world. The tireless Ultimate Team in which to create the perfect team, finding the best players and customizingin toto, your team, if you also add the good level of realism that the title offers, there is only to have fun both alone and with friends, including online of course.

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition

State of Decay 2

For lovers of survival managementin style Walking Deadyou can’t get lost State of Decay 2 that you find available at the price of € 9.89. I loved this title he knows to entertain for hours and hours where it is difficult to get bored. Decide your team of survivors e build your settlement. Defend yourself from the assaults of hordes but, be careful, it will be far from simple since a bite will be enough for infect your character with the infamous “Plague of blood”a terrible virus which weakens the survivor until it leads to death sure if a antidote. It is in fact necessary to have a good supply of these lifesavers and to do so you will have to smash the heads of several zombies (with the characteristic red color) that once killed will release a sample that you will use to prepare the cure in the laboratory.

You will need materials And supplies of any kind and you will not be able to remain idle. Resources are in short supply and you will have to move farther and farther or even change base if you want to keep in life your community. It does not end here, in fact they are present other groups with whom you will have to establish commercial relationships, however some may turn out to be gods bad neighbors who just want to rob you or kill you. The game offers an experience completein fact in the Juggernaut Edition there are other game modes:

  • Countryside: Classic game mode where you start with a survivor who tries to escape from a military base now overrun by zombies, until he finds a safe base in which to grow your community
  • Heartland: campaign set in a new city full of new challenges
  • Daybreak Pack: Survive the horde together with your team trying to withstand every siege
  • Independence Pack: if you like fireworks, know that here you can have fun blowing up the zombies not even it was New Year

In the end, State of Decay 2 shows up with a improved graphics and mechanicsone more confrontation fluid and less cumbersome than the first chapter, lots of contents and fun galore.

Titanfall 2

Steam - Titanfall 2

The unforgettable e award-winning shooter from the EA Gamesavailable on Steam at the price of € 4.79. However, this is not just the base game, but the Ultimate Edition which comprises all the contents Digital Deluxethe Jump Start pack to level up and unlock items quickly, and the skin Underground for the R-201 Carbine.

Six Jack Coopera private enlisted in the Militiawith the dream of becoming a pilot of Titan to fight at the border against the threat of the BMI, determined private company and plunder the colonized planets of all their resources. During training, the IMC attacks Typhon, a planet protected by the Militia, destroying most of the defenses. To save the skin, Jackalong with other soldiers, embarks on a capsule of rescue, crashing to the surface of the planet. Here, the soldiers are hunted down by the enemy forces finding themselves in overwhelming numerical inferiority, they are easily overwhelmed and killed after a brief firefight. Our soldier, however, dies hard and miraculously manages to save himself by taking possession of the Titan BT-7274. From here onwards the action begins; there will be several missions in which you will find yourself facing numerous enemiesor act silently if you don’t want the Militia to be overwhelmed.

Despite being a 2016 title, Titanfall 2 turns out to be a great shooter where boredom is not contemplated, action, adrenaline and firefights are the daily bread. For such a price, it is impossible to miss it.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition


Acclaimed open-world that tells a drama detective in which you will step into the shoes of Wei Shen, an undercover agent who infiltrated the infamous triads, among the most heinous criminal gangs in the world. Immerse yourself in one Hong Kong alive and full of life, cross the exotic neighborhoods and crowded streets, eliminate the opponents in bloody hand-to-hand clashesparticipate in clandestine competitions And shootings worthy of a John Woo movie. But be careful, do not blow your cover or the price to pay will be very high, in fact you will have to indulge the violence of the triads if you do not want to be discovered, and undercover it will not be easy but you will have to adapt.

The game is on Steam at the ridiculous price of € 2.99, almost a crime not to buy it. A much appreciated open world, a city entirely explorablefree your imagination with spectacular combos and gun fights, whiz by car or in the water between unique cars, motorcycles and speedboats. Hong Kong also offers lots of entertainment, take part in underground competitions, bet in cock fights or relax with some karaoke. In short, there is no shortage of ways to have fun. It is up to you to decide how to carry out your mission.

Steam never disappoints

In my opinion, these are some of the most interesting titles in terms of quality compared to price. Obviously the list is still long and the offers are so many but remember that these have a limited time. If you don’t want to miss the desired game, now is the time.