State of Play, Yoshida advises fans to keep expectations low

The PlayStation executive has posted a new tweet aimed at fans.

In the course of yesterday Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to break the silence, officially announcing a new one State of Play scheduled at 23:59 in the night between 2 and 3 June 2022. And of course, following this announcement, many have begun to daydream about a whole series of surprises coming from the division PlayStation.

In fact, quite a few fans immediately shared on the web all their wishes about the announcements they hope to see in this new one SoPamong those who daydream about the announcement of the official release date of God of War Ragnarökwho hopes for a new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI and finally that he hopes to see the first gameplay video of Street Fighter 6.

The PlayStation executive advises fans to keep expectations low ahead of the new State of Play

And right in this sea of ​​fan daydreams, it’s important to point out how Sony Interactive Entertainment herself has officially announced that this new State of Play will have a duration of About 30 minutesconfirming that in this appointment the third-party partners “have great new announcements in store“, All also specifying that fans will also be able to give”a sneak peek at various titles in development for PlayStation VR2.

And as if these clarifications by the Japanese giant were not enough, we also report the new Tweet shared directly by Shuhei Yoshidawhere the executive of PlayStation advised fans of “read carefully”The official statement shared by the Japanese giant, as if to suggest that he keep the expect low about this again State of Play.

At this point we just have to wait and see what will be the announcements in this new show, with Final Fintasy XVI which may actually show up in a new one gameplay trailerwhereas God of War Ragnarök it would seem be destined to jump even this new digital appointment, although the release continues to be set for the current year.

A few more days then and we will know what is cooking in that of the Japanese company!