“Startenders” a bartender game announced for PlayStation VR (PSVR)

Startenders PSVR

The studio Foggy Box Games has announced the VR game Startenders. Players have crazy machines and colorful ingredients at their disposal to serve to their alien guests in their bar.

If you have always wanted to slip into the role of an intergalactic bartender, you have the opportunity to do so with the upcoming game Startenders. The game will be released on March 17 for PSVR on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. An implementation for the PC on Steam is also planned.


VR game allows you to prepare cosmic drinks

In Startenders, the players slip into the role of a real bartender with the PSVR. However, the bar does not serve normal drinks, but intergalactic cocktails. Around 100 recipes are waiting to be tried out on the extraterrestrial bar visitors. In addition, there are 32 ingredients, 13 decorations, twelve machines and three different vessels. So that the players do not get confused, the AI assistant R.I.L.E.E. helps you.

Startenders is designed to allow its players to immerse themselves in the life of an intergalactic bartender. That’s why the game focuses especially on physical interactions. Players move through the bar, use a variety of machines and pour different drinks. In addition, there is a story that adapts to one’s own progress. This should allow you to enjoy the game at your own pace.

Startender Bar
Startender Bar

So that it does not get boring, each layer in the bar is procedurally generated. This specifies the recipes, the customers to be served and the location. The drinks are evaluated according to their complexity. As progress progresses, the recipes also become more and more difficult.

Between shifts in the bar, players can stay in their own habitat. There you can buy new ingredients or upgrade the machines in the bar. For relaxation, there are other activities that can be undertaken in the habitat.